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A Sara Tancredi and Theodore Bagwell Commune

They both like Michael!

A Sara Tancredi and Theodore Bagwell Community
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Welcome to Sara_TBag!

This community is specifically for Sara Tancredi and T-Bag only. Fanfic, icons (of either, alone), and general discussion is allowed. Special focus on one or the other is fine, the subject doesn't always have to include both.


Thank you, lady_iz for the beautiful banner and community icon!
Community buttons were made by thekayla, last one by me!


1. Posts can contain anything about either character, not always both.
2. Be respectful, and all that other common sense.
3. Fanfic of any rated meterial is welcome, as long as the rating is stated before the cut.
4. Icons, general discussion, questions, caps, news, anything is welcome as long as it has to do with either T-Bag or Sara Tancredi or the actors who portray them.
5. This is an open community, but if anyone steps out of line he/she will be kicked out.
6. If you want to make a header or other graphics for the community, please do. I'm graphically challenged.

Your mods, world_order and offcourse


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